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A Guide For Selling Homes Others Couldn't Sell
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Here's what you will learn in this book...

Part 1: Pricing and Selling

  • Does the Listing Price Matter?
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid That Stop Homes From Selling
  • Case Studies of Homes I Sold that Other Agents Couldn’t Sell
  • Why it's So Easy to Sell Your Home for Less Than It Is Worth (you don’t want to do this!)
  • What Stops “Perfect Homes” From Selling

Part 2: Strategies and Tips

  • How To Sell A Home That Didn’t Sell… Without Dropping the Price
  • Avoid this Rule at Your Own Risk
  • Why This 20% Rule Matters to to Hard Tto Sell Homes
  • Why Buyers Skipped Your Home
  • Luxury Home Seller Strategy Sells Homes for 15% More Money
  • Why Making Your Home Shine Matters
  • Disregarding Details Causes Buyers To Pass On Your Home
  • How Buyers Pick What Homes to Preview

Part 3: Selling Your Home Faster

  • Why the Pictures of Your Home Can Stop It From Selling
  • The 3 Step Formula I Use To Sell Homes Other Agents Can't Sell
  • Negotiation Musts
  • Simple Negotiation Strategies That Work (almost) Every Time
  • Why Your Dog Would Hire Me to Sell Your Home

Part 4: Home Seller Resources

  • A Big Mistake that Cost Aa Seller $36,000
  • Read This Before You Sign a Contract With a Buyer
  • How to Find Out Exactly How Much Money You Will Receive on Your Sale
  • Should You Consider Hiring a Realtor?